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Book project

One of the most successful ways in which RHEMA - in addition to the Bible schools - spreads the message of faith is through the publishing of a vast collection of faith literature. Millions of books have been distributed worldwide in recent decades and have been and continue to be a blessing to countless people. Fortunately, many books are also available for the Dutch language area, but many titles have not yet been translated and published in our country. And new titles are released every year.

Boeken Hagin.jpg

RHEMA Nederland is committed to translating and distributing these books, not only for the students we train, but also for anyone hungry for more faith. We have a translation and correction team, currently working on several new titles. A few titles have already become available in recent years, but we hope to add a lot more in the near future. 


This important work requires dedicated and skilled translators and proofreaders who will work as a team to prepare new titles. Do you have that competence and would you like to be of service, please register via and we will contact you.


It goes without saying that there are costs involved in publishing and distributing these books. Help fund this fantastic project. Purchase and distribute our already published titles (see the titles below) or make a specific donation for this project, stating 'Book project'.

Available titles (in Dutch)

Author Kenneth E. Hagin
The Spirit Within & the Spirit Upon € 14,95
How you can be led by the Spirit of God € 14,95

Prices are excluding shipping costs.

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